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How working with an interior designer can save you money!

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

‘Using an interior designer is expensive’ - WRONG! We hear this a lot, and it’s a myth we hope to bust! Here are a few ways we work to save you money.

1. We create well thought out layouts, from accurate measurements - this not only gives you a functional space but avoids buying furniture that’s the wrong size and has to be returned.

floor plan with optimised layout

2. Not everything we specify is branded designer goods - in fact we love some of the trend focused homewares from supermarkets and high street shops, can guide you to finding things second hand and introduce you to affordable new suppliers.

side table with vases

3. We are experts, this means OUR knowledge saves YOU time - time is precious, don’t waste it scrolling through searches trying to find the perfect lamp and trying to figure out what works in your home. Chances are we already know!

girls hands holding a phone

4. We are often able to buy directly from manufacturers for bespoke and fitted pieces - this means we offer competitive prices and help guide you to trusted suppliers and trades.

upholstery tools

5. We look at the bigger picture, meaning we help you allocate your budgets - focusing on key, long lasting items that are good quality and will withstand the test of time

open french doors into cornish holiday cottage

6. Currently our user friendly, curated shopping platform takes most of the payments for your orders, this means you can buy in your own time and at your own pace - this also means STUDIO TREVOW doesn’t need to be VAT registered yet, automatically saving you 20% on our fees!

empty room with person walking


"Aless has extensive knowledge of what is available online and worked efficiently to take us from the initial meeting to presenting her ideas and producing a detailed shopping list per room, enabling us to order everything straight away. The saving for us has been immense and we would never have been able to achieve anything as beautiful as this on our own. We cannot recommend Aless highly enough!"

- Sarah, Cornwall

Our services start from £75 so won’t break the bank, we offer in person and remote interior design services. We can work one room at a time to keep things manageable and love working with the challenges of real homes - so what are you waiting for?


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