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From the founder

"Nestled on the sunny South Coast, STUDIO TREVOW was born from an inherited passion for buildings and homes. Drawing on over a decade of industry experience, I founded the company in 2022 with a clear mission: to make exceptional residential and commercial design more accessible. I believe that enhancing the function and aesthetics of a space can improve our lives and wellbeing but doesn't always need to be overly complicated or expensive.

Storytelling is at the heart of my design philosophy. While I am passionate about interiors, my true love lies with the people who inhabit them. I believe that every design should narrate a unique story—whether it’s the history of a place, the personality of an individual, the essence of a brand, or the evocation of a particular feeling.

My designs weave these narratives seamlessly, using materials and objects to support and illustrate the stories they tell. By understanding and integrating the rich context of each project, I create spaces that are deeply personal and resonate with meaning."


Stages + Approach

We understand that each project is unique and deserves a tailored approach. Whether you choose our remote interior design services or our in-person home design, we follow a simple set of stages that are always fluid, moulding to fit your specific needs. This flexibility ensures that our projects flow smoothly and efficiently, adapting seamlessly to any situation.


After your initial enquiry we like to book an informal chat on site or over video call, this is where we discuss what you are after and any ideas you may have had already. You let us know any existing items you want to keep, any deadlines you are working to and we can touch on budgets. We will guide you to which of our services suit you best.

At this stage we might ask for some basic dimensions or photos to help us get started. 


Focusing on the look and feel of your new space, mood boards are created and shared in person or on screen. We share suggestive samples to show you a colour and materials palette. You will see drafted floor plans to illustrate layouts and we talk you through ideas for each room or area. This is a great chance for feedback and to sign off the creative direction. 


Following on from the previous stage this part of the project is where things really come to life. Alongside more specific items of furniture or dressing we will produce sketch visuals and coloured floor plans. You can expect to see full sample boards for proposed fabrics and finishes.  


Once you're happy with the developed design we collate all the information and create an information pack for you and any contractors you will need. This normally includes floor plans and elevations, decoration and lighting schedules along with curated shopping lists and quotes for anything bespoke. 

We like to talk you through this pack of information and can often help you find the trades you need to complete the work. 


Once you have all the information you are in the driving seat! You will be able to make purchases at your own pace and instruct contractors as and when needed. We understand that 'getting it done' can be difficult, so we remain on hand if you need us. 

If you need a little extra support talk to us about procurement, trades, installation or project management.

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