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How will you know my style?

We love to listen, so you can tell us what you've seen or been considering and also let us know your pet peeves. Show us places you've stayed and not wanted to leave or a friends house that you are jealous of. Share you pinterest boards and instagram saves. 

Don't worry if you really don't know, or it seems a mixed up mess that's what we are here for. Our experience allows us to unscramble your ideas and curate something refined.

When will it be done?

We know how important those big life events are and how stressful life can be when your home is out of order so we like to understand your ideal timeframe right from the get go. So whether you are planning a big dinner party or wanting to ensure the kids rooms are finished before they go back to school we make sure we are all working to the same deadlines.

We always give key sign off dates and share a programme of works to help things run smoothly. We have a mix of suppliers we can work with that give us delivery options that work for you.

What can you do with a limited budget?

We pride ourselves on our supplier knowledge, so whether you are after branded designer goods or happy with high street homewares we can source what's right for you and always deliver on quality.

We like to understand your purchasing style and where you've shopped previously to help guide your budgets, but we aim to show you things you wouldn't have found without us.

How much will it cost?

We offer a few different levels of service but always charge a fixed rate per room or per project - so there is no hidden costs. 

Enquiries start with a chat to help us understand your requirements, we then put together a tailored quote just for you. We offer optional bolt on services in case you need help with project management or styling further down the line. 

We don't believe great Interior Design should be a luxury, so trust that our fees are fair. We utilise online sharing, minimise travel and keep you in the driving seat to make working with us affordable.

Will you let us keep Nan's old dresser or our favourite chair?

Of course! With sustainability as one of our core valuea we love to see existing pieces incorporated into a project or revamped to get a new lease of life. 

We are firm believers that character, heritage and sentimental value have  a key part in even the most modern home - so we accept your challenges! 


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