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Clifftop Apartments, Boscombe

Boscombe, Bournemouth, UK


Nestled on Boscombe Overcliff, Reef Manor is a collection of contemporary 1,2 & 3 bedroom apartments.

Drawing inspiration from the rhythmic dance of frothy sea foam and the captivating silhouette of the nearby pier, we meticulously crafted two distinct colour palettes for this modern development. Both palettes boast high-contrast compositions, juxtaposing deep charcoal tones with crisp, luminous whites.

This monochromatic aesthetic also pays homage to the area's rich architectural heritage, where striking black beams punctuate pristine white facades. Aptly named 'CARBON' and 'MINERAL', these schemes evoke a sense of sanctuary, offering timeless elegance within their interiors—a canvas for homeowners to infuse with their own unique flair and personality.

CLIENT: Hurst and Hurst Estates

SERVICES: Full interior specification, optimisation of layouts + show home

PHOTOGRAPHY: Emma Roff Photography

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Boscombe, Bournemouth, UK

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