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The Boucle Edit

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Coming from the French word for curled or looped 'Boucle' is a versatile fabric, almost teddy like in texture with a slubby surface. Cosy and inviting Boucle is generally made from wool, but cotton, silk and linen are sometimes used. It's balance between soft and hard wearing makes it ideal for upholstery and home accessories.

Cream/white boucle bench and stool
Image source: Pinterest

Seen first in the 1940's Knoll furniture company used a classic boucle on cloud like chairs, then in the 1950s boucle became a fashion staple thanks to Coco Chanel. This fabric is now well and truly back in the spotlight and we think it's hear to stay.

Things we love about boucle:

  • soft to touch - like a big hug

  • looks great in neutral and earthy tones

  • adds texture - more practical than velvet and more interesting than linen

  • can be layered up think mossy cushions on fresh white sofas

  • rooted in mid century design but proving to be timeless

  • fits with many different interior styles - creating understated luxury

Selection of boucle fabrics in varying shades of grey

The high street is full of boucle fabrics, but we've curated some of our favourites for you to browse, get in touch to book a home huddle if this is a trend you want to bring to your home.

Boucle occasional chair white with black frame
Image source: Liang + Emil


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