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Family Lounge, Hampshire

Oakley, Hampshire, UK


When this home owner got in touch she had run out of inspiration and ideas, her beautiful renovation was nearly finished but this tricky room was causing some confusion. Our online services meant communication was easy and our client stayed in the driving seat.

The homeowner was stumped for what colour to paint this room and how to turn the long, dual aspect space into something cosy and multifunctional. We were able to help problem solve the lighting and were excited to embrace colour, injecting personailty into this young family home. We curated a palette, shared ideas of furniture and refined a layout that used soft room divides and large rugs to help zone the individual spaces without compromising the look and feel of the whole room.

Our client was able to line up trades, and manage the finer details whilst utilising our experience and knowledge.

Property Type

Family Home


Oakley, Hampshire, UK

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